My new 5-issue series STEEPLE is finally hitting the shelves, with issue 1 in comic shops and on Comixology now. It’s about  a vicar in the Church of England and their counterpart in the Church of Satan who accidentally become friends, in a Cornish parish blighted by witchcraft, mermen, and chronic NIMBY-ism. Written and drawn by me, with colours from Sarah Stern and lettering by Jim Campbell, through the auspices of Dark Horse Comics. I’ve done my best and hope you enjoy it. If the mini-series does well, we should get the chance to go back to Tredregyn for more stories, so your support really counts.

If you want to pre-order issue 2 from your local comic shop (and that helps a lot), the cut-off date is September 23 and the Previews order code to give is AUG190299. Thanks!