Today (Jan 15th) sees the release (in comic shops and on Comixology) of the final issue of Steeple from Dark Horse Comics, written and drawn by me, coloured by Sarah Stern, and lettered by Jim Campbell. A trade paperback collection is due in May.

This issue features another excellent variant cover, this time from Game of Thrones’ “Beautiful Deaths” artist Robert Ball.

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride on these five issues. Sorry to anyone who struggled to find later issues – if you’re in the UK, you can fill the gaps in your collection at Page 45.

And thank you too to everyone who has written to say they’d like to see the series continue. I would too! I have more Steeple stories ready to go, though I’m not yet sure when and where they’ll appear.

But as a thank-you to our loyal readers, all of whom were left with, let me be honest, a cruel cliffhanger, I’ve put together a four-page epilogue (that will also appear in the upcoming collection. Think of it both as a closing statement, and a bridge to future adventures. If you’ve not read the series, it’s a huge spoiler, so don’t click until you’ve read issues 1-5 first. But if you have… I hope you like it.

The best part of writing a series that feels like is works is the sudden opening up of new territory, like a video game map suddenly popping into view. I hope we get to go there eventually. So, without further ado…