You may be dimly aware of my Dark Horse Comics mini-series, STEEPLE. I know I’m dimly aware of it. I loved working on it. In the run-up to the release of the Steeple collection in May, I present a new Steeple web-series – The Silvery Moon! I’ll be updating three times a week, M-W-F, into the summer. If you’ve not read Steeple before, this is a good jumping-on point, and if you have read it before, welcome back to Tredregyn. We’ve missed you!

The epilogue to the Dark Horse series (a useful explainer) starts here:

THE SILVERY MOON starts here, there are four pages for you to read.

I’m a month ahead on this, and I think it’s really going places. I hope you’ll join me and make your mind up whether I’m wise or delusional. It’s bound to be one or the other.

ITEM! If you can’t wait for the collection, Steeple is available in single issues via Comixology.