Shelley Winters

Shelley Winters, 22, has returned from university to work at City Limit. She is a staff writer.

Amy Chilton

Amy Chilton, 17, has dropped out of school and now finds herself working a pity job as receptionist for her father, Len Pickering, editor of City Limit. Her mother, socialite Stella Chilton, has washed her hands of her.

Rich Tweedy

Rich Tweedy, 25, is the designer for City Limit. His love of symmetry extends to his hair.

Tim Jones

Hirsuite music write and aesthete Tim Jones, 24, also has a band. He is very confident.

Len Pickering

Editor Len Pickering has returned from a career in London to edit a local listings magazine. Something has clearly gone wrong at some point, or perhaps he just wanted a quiet life.

Ryan Beckwith

Ryan Beckwith, 22, is a childhood friend of Shelley and Tim. He’s been ligging around town while they were away at university. You might say he was a deadbeat, but he’s got a lot of charm.

Erin Winters

Shelley’s 11 year-old sister. She’s a menace.

Holly West

Holly West, 27, is an ambitious and talented journalist. She sees City Limit as a stepping stone to bigger things.

Ed Winters

Owner of a successful building firm and a level temper, Ed Winters, 51, is Shelley and Erin’s father.

Carol Winters

Carol Winters, 46, is Shelley and Erin’s mother. She may be the biggest menace of them all. She works in “human resources”.