This Saturday and Sunday (November 9-10) I will be a guest at the Thought Bubble Festival at its new home at the Harrogate Convention Centre. You’ll be able to find me at my table (18, in the Comixology Originals hall) most of the time, but not for a chunk of Saturday (12-3pm) because I am doing two panels and between them, let’s not make any bones about this, I will be eating my lunch.

I don’t know what I’m going to bring to sell, I have to raid the garden shed for items, but I will always draw for you if you come and see me and there isn’t a queue, and I’ll always sign your books. It’s the very least I can do.

Saturday panel program:

Goodnight Giant Days 
(Room B, Queen’s Suite, 12.10-13.00)
“From its origins as a fill-in story on his webcomics site Scary Go Round in 2011 to a 55-issue run at Boom!Box with five Eisner nominations and seven international translated editions, Giant Days is an unusual series in mainstream comics, a sitcom about three friends at university.

As the series comes to an end, its writer (and occasional artist) John Allison talks to Claire Napier from Women Write About Comics about where it all went right. The laughter, the tears! How do you squeeze five years of material out of a six-issue series? Where does John get his “crazy ideas” from? And what will he do now the Giant Days are over?”

(Location t/k, 13.03-13.56)
John buys a lunch that is probably worse than anything he would make for himself at home if he wasn’t here but which is gratefully received regardless. You will have to wait and see if it was a hot or cold lunch. He buys a chocolate bar which he saves to eat at 4pm in a display of self-restraint you, reader, will never match if you live to be 100.

SILENCE! To Astonish
(Room A, Queen’s Suite, 14.00-14.50)
“Watch Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die of SILENCE! and Al Kennedy of House of Astonish inflict daft games, badly researched questions and ill-advised impressions on a very special, hand-picked, crack group of comic professional victi-err… guests. 

House to Astonish is Scotland’s longest-running comics podcast and has been featuring comics news and reviews for over ten years. SILENCE! is the world’s only comics podcast.”