It feels like only a month since I told you that Steeple #2 was out. We were younger then, more innocent, unafraid. But maybe there is a chance to recapture the sweet feeling of those earlier days, because Steeple is BACK BACK BACK with issue 3. There’s a five-page preview here.

This issue: windpower, NIMBYS, “mini-rapture”, surf priests, cream teas eaten “the wrong way round”, and much, much more. No comic features more unique and troublesome incident than Steeple from Dark Horse Comics, written and drawn by me, coloured by SARAH STERN and lettered by JIM CAMPBELL. Plus, there’s another stellar variant cover by Transformers legend NICK ROCHE and colouring giant JOSH BURCHAM!

Get it from your local comic shop or on Comixology.